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 ======Tutorials====== ======Tutorials======
 +<color indianred>​DISCLAIMER:​ The tutorials provided on this wiki are not intended to compete with the tutorials written by the EEGLAB'​s (and other toolboxes) developers ([[http://​​wiki/​Main_Page|EEGLAB website]]). It intends to be a condensed version for educational/​reference purposes for members of the lab/​department to which this workshop was given.</​color>​
 ** Where would you like to go?** ** Where would you like to go?**
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   * **[[eeglabsesh3|Part Three]]** Advanced/​Unconventional analyses   * **[[eeglabsesh3|Part Three]]** Advanced/​Unconventional analyses
     * [[eeglabsesh3|Mass Univariate Toolbox]]     * [[eeglabsesh3|Mass Univariate Toolbox]]
-/** + 
-* **[[https://​​forms/​d/​1fe8aqKU6Bmd2N8R59coCt-Vee1xbK9GcxMBaS_EdxkM/​viewform|Feedback Form]] +  * **[[https://​​forms/​d/​1fe8aqKU6Bmd2N8R59coCt-Vee1xbK9GcxMBaS_EdxkM/​viewform|Feedback Form]]*
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