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EEGLAB Hackathon
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This is's wiki. I use this as a repository for my scripts or any part of my research that I wish to share or on which I collaborate.

This wiki is readable by all. If you are intending to collaborate on some code etc. REGISTER or SIGN-IN (links top of page), which will let make you an extra special person and will let you in on all the hidden secrets… Who knows there might be some top secret content on this one day (something like a big life-changing project (cf., Chicken chicken chicken).

EEGLAB Hackathon


27/1/14: Tutorial dataset available to download.
24/1/14: We have a room! Basement computer cluster!
15/1/14: Sessions times & dates: Wed 5th 10–12, Thurs 6th 12–2, Fri 7th 12–2

  • No need to bring your laptop but you can if you like (as we may run out of Macs –only 10 in the room).
  • If you bring your computer make sure you download the toolboxes before the first session. No need to install them if you're unsure how to.

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