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EEGLAB Hackathon
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General Information

  • The hackathon is now finished.
  • Take a few minutes to give me some feedback!

Session Dates:

  • Hackathon is finished. There are no current sessions.

Sessions Overview

Part One: Pre-processing (BASIC)

Getting to know EEGLAB: GUI

  1. Installing toolboxes & MATLAB set path
  2. Loading data from Neuroscan into EEGLAB
  3. Pre-processing steps

Getting cosy with EEGLAB: Batch Crews

  1. Basic programming tips and for loops
  2. Preparation of “NightCrew” script (batching time-consuming pre-processing steps).

Part Two: Post-processing & analysis (INTERMEDIATE)

GUI steps

  1. loading pre-processed dataset
  2. dealing with artefacts II (exploring ICs, removing ICs, using ADJUST toolbox)
  3. pre-analysing data:
    1. choice of analysis and direction (ERPLAB?, EEGLAB?, MASS UNIVAR TOOLBOX?, other?)
    2. ERPLAB pipeline (epoching for ERPLAB, visualisation, ERP measurements for stats)
  4. Analysing in ERPLab
    1. trial selection (bin descriptor files)
    2. averaging
    3. plotting
    4. measuring & stats

Batch Crew

  1. Preparation and usage of “DayCrew” scripts
    1. Day Crew for ERPLAB
    2. Day Crew for EEGLAB
    3. Other?

Part Three: Advanced/alternative analyses

Point by point analyses

  1. The Mass Univariate Toolbox
    1. Why?
    2. How?
  2. Alternative implementations

Anything else

  1. We'll see how things go :)

DISCLAIMER: The tutorials provided on this wiki are not intended to compete with the tutorials written by the EEGLAB's (and other toolboxes) developers (EEGLAB website). It intends to be a condensed version for educational/reference purposes for members of the lab/department to which this workshop was given.

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