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EEGLAB Hackathon
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Tutorial datasets

I still have to put together the datasets. They will be made available on the Macs downstairs. For those bringing their laptops I'll aim to put a link here to download the files by Tuesday night but I'll arrange a way for you to copy the datasets on the day if you need.


This download link contains a zipped file comprising of the following necessary toolboxes:

1.EEGLAB | website

2.ERPLAB | website

3.Mass Univariate ERP Toolbox | website

4.AJUST for ICA | website

Download this zip in advance and store it on your laptop in a place where you can find it (desktop, documents etc.). We will install the toolboxes together in the first session.
Alternatively, you can visit the toolboxes' websites where all information as well as tutorials on installation and usage can be found.

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