TEDx Talk: Language -our goggles onto reality

I recently gave a TEDx talk at the International School of The Hague. I promoted ideas coming from research done by colleagues as well as my own. The idea that language is much more to us than just a way of speaking, rather, it changes the way we see the world. Check out the talk here: https://youtu.be/XHG6Ojy4w7k

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Words jump-start vision

In a recent paper with colleague Gary Lupyan, I show that words are capable of making our brain visual system go PING! I wrote a companion blog post explaining what we found out and how that relates to brain function in general. You should go check it out!

Check it out! 


About me


I am currently working as a post-doc in the Leiden Centre for Research in Linguistics and the Leiden Centre for Brain and Cognition. Along with being a bit of a psychology/brain geek, I love to act, sing dance and being on stage as well as kayaking and rock-climbing. I also like to take pictures when I’m not too busy.


My research interests range over the following areas: psycholinguistics • neurolinguistics • bilingualism • language acquisition • semantics • philosophy of language. I am particularly interested with how and the extent to which language relates with other cognitive mechanisms and issues such as the relation between language and thought; what thought is made of; the extent to which language is innate; where and how language is represented in the minds of monolinguals and bilinguals. You can find out more on my research page.

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© Juliën van Eck

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